maahi bhalla
class of 2029

when did you come to mpa and what was the transition like?
i came to mpa … i'm going to say i did it when i was almost … umm, i don't remember. okay, just before the first part of the year. i came in september. for kindergarten. it felt like fun here. when i was in prek, i cried. here i didn't cry because i thought it was a pretty good place.

what is your favorite mpa memory
my favorite school memory is going outside and feeling how the weather is. and then i also love staying inside and doing beautiful artwork. and some of my favorite memories are in the monday morning meetings … to find out who won the champ awards. and if mrs. wright says a kindergartener, it's so exciting!

do you participate in any activities?
if i'm not in panther club, then i go home and just play around. and during the weekdays i go to my mom's gym and learn tennis, swimming, and yoga. oh! and i also go to dance class. i do steam club and drawing class here at mpa, too.

what do you like about your afterschool activities at mpa?
i like to find out what we're making (in steam club) and i like to use the different materials and i like the smell of them. and about drawing class, i like that she gives us easy, slow steps … that's why it takes a long time to do it … so then it comes out more beautiful.

what's your favorite spot on campus?
what's a campus again? oh, umm, my favorite spot … i'm just going to say i like almost the whole thing. especially the upper school hallway and the area of gym and panther club.

what are your hopes after graduation?
oh my goodness. that is such a hard question. i will just chill at home and have a hot cocoa party. when i grow up, i might want to be a teacher. or a doctor. oh yes, i decided i will be a doctor.

it's like a party. it's so fun. the teachers are nice and tell you it's okay to make an accident. you know, you don't have to do it perfectly.

maahi bhalla
class of 2029

how do you spend your time outside of school?
on the weekends, i like to go to the movie theatre or watch jessie or full house on tv. i usually play with my toys, dolls, color, and read very many books. i also spend a lot of time with aunts, uncles, and cousins and i love to take care of them.

what is your favorite lunchroom food?
ummm, pickles. and, i like baby corn. sometimes they serve it, but not all the time. i like their pizza. and i like cheese and lettuce. and i like their tortillas with tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese … like tacos and burritos.

if you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
easy one. i would just say mexico. and anguilla. anguilla is an island in the ocean. it's pretty short from st. marten. you take the plane, you fly, go over and down, get on a boat and then you are there. that's the island.

if you met someone who was unfamiliar with mpa, what would you tell them about our school?
it's a big school and there are so many fun things to do. we have pajama day and we celebrate really cool things about your birthday and there's so many fun classes. it's like a party. it's so fun. the teachers are nice and tell you that it's okay to make an accident. you know, you don't have to do it perfectly.